Burgan Bank promotes smarter financial habits with its personal finance management tool

Burgan Bank’s Personal Finance Manager (PFM) tool, available on Burgan App, is one of the smart solutions designed to provide customers with a better all-round digital banking experience, in line with the Bank’s strategy of investing in the improvement of its digital platforms. A comprehensive and convenient tool supported by user-friendly money management features, the PFM promotes smarter financial habits by making it easier for users to manage their personal finances and track, organize and analyze their spending at any time. and in any place.

The PFM tool offers a host of features that allow customers to track their spending habits with detailed information that helps them better manage their personal finances. Users can also create custom monthly budgets based on categories of their choosing and easily receive a breakdown of their spending in real-time reports through the app. As a result, they will be able to set their own financial goals and better plan their financial future.

Commenting on Public Finance Management, Mr. Deniz Cengiz, Group Director of Digital Banking, said, “By making budgeting and saving easier, the PFM tool empowers our clients to be proactive and in control of planning. of their financial future. They can also invest the money they have saved using the PFM by choosing an investment option easily and directly through the Burgan App, such as a daily investment account or a deposit account. Clients can also invest their savings by opening a Kanz account to get the best return on investment and enjoy the flexibility and freedom to manage their savings deposits. Moreover, the Kanz account offers the possibility to participate in several draws, including an annual draw of 1,500,000 KD and win great prizes for every 25 KD deposited in the account.

He added: “We always strive to provide the best deals to our customers. We will continue to drive our digital transformation journey forward as we constantly seek to create new products and services that help meet the short and long-term financial needs of our customers and ensure an improved overall banking experience.

The PFM tool is one of the smartest digital solutions that reflects Burgan Bank’s efforts to upgrade its existing digital platforms and continue to implement its strategy to continue providing new solutions and products suitable for meet the needs of all customer segments and help them invest for a better future.

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