Tech and finance jobs are enjoying the fastest growing wages in Ireland this year

If you’re looking to increase your salary exponentially in 2022, it looks like roles in tech or finance might be your best bet – surprise, surprise!

A new study by recruitment group Hays Ireland has shown the top 20 jobs with the fastest growing salaries in the country. The top spot was a payroll supervisor who jumped to an average salary of €58,750 in 2021 – a whopping increase of over 20%!

Other roles that saw a big jump include DevOps Managers (18.8%), Full Stack Developers (16.9%), Help Desk Analysts (16.7%), and Software Engineers. reliability of the site (15.4%) which completes the Top 5.

“Competition for talent has been a constant theme throughout 2021 and we expect this to continue into the new year,” said Maureen Lynch, director of Hays Ireland.

You can check out the top 20 pay rises in Ireland this year below:

  • Payroll supervisor for a large/multinational company; €58,750.00, up 20.5%
  • DevOps Manager; €95,000.00, up 18.8%
  • Full Stack Developer; €76,000.00, up 16.9%
  • Help Desk/Helpdesk Analyst; €35,000.00, up 16.7%
  • Site Security Engineer, €75,000.00, up 15.4%
  • DevOps engineer; €75,000.00, up 15.4%
  • CTO; €150,000.00, up 13.6%
  • Front End Web Developer; €70,000.00, up 12.9%
  • Revenue Accountant; €61,000.00, up 10.9%
  • Health & Safety Manager with 4-5 years of experience; €49,750.00, up 10.6%
  • Architect Part I without experience; €24,250.00, up 10.2%
  • Senior Claims Manager; €41,250.00, up 10.0%
  • Head of Development; €110,000.00, up 10.0%
  • Senior Payroll Manager for a large/multinational company; €70,000.00, up 9.8%
  • Network engineer; €60,000.00, up 9.1%
  • Health and safety manager with 6 to 10 years of experience; €59,750.00, up 8.6%
  • Junior Technologist, 1-2 years experience, Diploma/Qualified Diploma; €32,250.00, up 8.4%
  • Chief Transformation Officer; €130,000.00, up 8.3%
  • Health and Safety Advisor with 0 to 3 years of experience; €36,250.00, up 8.2%
  • Payroll specialist; €41,750.00, up 7.7%

“It’s been well documented that we operate in a candidate-driven market and that’s reflected in rising salaries across the board,” Lynch continued.

“The results of our Hays Ireland Salary and Recruitment Trends Survey 2022 will be good news for Ireland-based professionals, particularly those in technology, finance and construction, who may be considering changing roles in 2022.

“From an employer perspective, it is important that we seek to identify meaningful solutions to meet the current demand for talent.

“Employers’ ability to recruit and retain talent is key to achieving their broader, macro-level business objectives, driving the fundamentals of a thriving Irish economy through 2022 and beyond.”

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