The 10 Best Finance Jobs: The Best Jobs in Canada 2016



Banking and accounting are just the start – jobs in financial services today range from investment management to fintech

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A career in finance remains the goal of many young graduates. Applications for MBA programs increased 58% in 2015, according to the Canadian Graduate Management Admissions Council. The best job prospects range from Financial manager (N ° 9 on our Ranking of the best jobs 2016) the account manager and the consultant (92.)

Andre Clumpus made his debut in the industry in 2012 with an internship at TD Securities. Today, he is celebrating his second year with the company as a Senior Financial Analyst. “I am able to use my communication skills as well as my financial capacities thanks to my MBA,” he explains. “I solve problems with Excel, I do expense reports, I write presentations and I write emails and memos about the nature of our expenses or our projects, variances and things like that. “

Clumpus says he appreciates that the work has allowed him to develop his existing skills and looks forward to where his career will take him in the next few years. “It’s a regular job, which I like. But I’ll say it’s the kind of job where you get what you put into it, ”he says.

According to Richard W. Nesbitt, former COO of CIBC and current assistant professor at the Rotman School of Management, the industry has changed a lot since its inception. “I think the alternatives are much bigger now, ”he says. “Not only is there commercial or investment banking, but there is also private equity, hedge funds, capital risk, fintech companies. “

According to Nesbitt, “no one goes into a job anymore thinking it’s their career for life.” He believes banking and investment banking will continue to dominate the industry, but also predicts an increase in less regulated business, and fintech, over the next five years. That, and the students weren’t necessarily limited to the national market: “When I graduated in the 1970s, it was really rare to think of anything outside of Canada and even outside of Canada. from Ontario, quite frankly, ”he says. “Today, people don’t hesitate to fly to and work in Singapore.”

* Demand outlook is the estimated demand for employees in this category by 2021:

?? = more than 1 job per job seeker
?? = around 1 job per job seeker
?? = less than one job per job seeker

Job rank Profession Median salary Wage growth 5-year employment growth Outlook * Jobs by Indeedâ„¢
9 Financial & Real Estate Manager $ 71,469 13% 39% ?? Search finance and real estate director job offers
23 Corporate Sales Director $ 79,997 28% -23% ?? Search corporate sales manager job openings
25 Sales director $ 83,429 15% -9% ?? Search purchasing manager job openings
35 Bank and credit manager $ 87,464 25% -21% ?? Search Banking & Credit Manager jobs
50 Business administration officer $ 79,997 15% 23% ?? Search for job offers for a company administrative agent
51 Senior business manager $ 95,992 15% -30% ?? Search Senior Business Manager jobs
52 Financial manager $ 85,010 18% -11% ?? Search CFO jobs
73 Business Services Manager $ 75,192 21% -27% ?? Search Business Services Manager jobs
85 Financial Analyst $ 71,469 13% 39% ?? Search for financial analyst jobs
92 Account manager $ 68,640 9% 16% ?? Search Account Management Advisor Jobs

* Demand outlook is the estimated demand for employees in this category by 2021:
?? = more than 1 job per job seeker
?? = around 1 job per job seeker
?? = less than one job per job seeker

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