Why domain names are important to financial companies



Finance companies are among the most important businesses in any economy. They are sources of credit, offer secure ways to save and invest money, and inject much needed shareholder capital into businesses, along with many other tasks. When we think of finance companies, their domain name is often the last thing we think of. Yet a finance company is ultimately a business, and in an increasingly through software, it is impossible to run a successful business without a domain name.


A domain name is the digital equivalent of a physical address with a large sign near the door, and search engines are like address books. Businesses need domain names so that they are discoverable by their customers. The domain name tells customers where to find you and may even hint at what you are doing. For example, the banking holding company, Zions Bancorporation, has the domain name zionsbancorporation.com. This domain name tells us that Zions is involved in the banking industry. Alternatively, a domain name may not indicate what the business is doing. For example, the domain name of independent investment banking and financial services firm Cowen Inc. is simply cowen.com. The important thing is that customers can find your business.

Keep it simple

The best domain names are short and simple because it makes them easier to remember. You want a domain name that will stay etched in the minds of your customers. It’s harder to have a simple domain name when your business name is complicated, so what many businesses do is shorten their business name so that their customers can remember their domain name. For example, the American Equity Investment Life Holding Company has a very long and descriptive name. But that’s too long a name for a domain name. They therefore have a simpler domain name: american-equity.com. A domain name isn’t a math problem, it should be simple.

Be descriptive

Many businesses like the idea of ​​a descriptive domain name because it yells at a customer and tells them exactly what the business is doing. The idea is that by having such a descriptive name, customers will gravitate towards that domain name rather than going to less descriptive domain names.

However, other domain names are based solely on the company’s brand. For example, PJT Partners, a global advisory-focused investment bank, has a very undescriptive domain name: pjtpartners.com. She is convinced that her brand is so powerful that it can attract customers without having to hint at what the company is doing. The brand name in its own way is a descriptor.

Cost of a domain name

Before you search and register your financial domain name, you probably want to know how much domain names typically cost. Usually, domain names cost between $ 2 and $ 20 per year, depending on specials and discounts. This assumes that there is virtually no demand for your domain name. New domain name extensions, such as .app, are more expensive because they have just been released.

There is no fixed price for domain names. If you want to buy and sell domains, the prices vary widely. You can get an idea of ​​the price ranges by visiting Afternic or GoDaddy Auctions.

If you want to buy a domain name that someone else already owns, visit a domain name brokerage service.


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